List of Events

AUC Robotics Conference'21

After the outstanding success of the AUC Robotics conference in 2019, It is time to take our glory back and launch the second edition of our annual conference. AUC Robotics Conference 2021 will be held virtually on Saturday 8th of May and will bring together an elite community of researchers and engineers from all around the world.

Summer Camp '20

Robotics Summer Camp is an initiative by AUC Robotics targeting all the robotics enthusiasts and the geeks community of Egypt. The goal of the camp is to introduce students to essential robotics concepts and tools to enable them to get involved in the robotics community and start their fruitful journey in this field. We are targeting beyond the AUC community to meet with our vision of providing students with practical knowledge related to the robotics field and spreading awareness and knowledge about robotics both within the AUC community and beyond.

FYP Fall'20

The First Year Program (FYP) organizes the beginning of each semester an Engagement fair for the freshmen students of AUC to help them engage with the several clubs and student activities. This year’s FYP was made on a smaller scale due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but AUC Robotics still managed to shine by making students watch and try out the ROV, and giving them Robotics related giveaways.

Opening Fall'20

The opening general meeting is one of the events organized in the beginning of each semester to introduce the highboard of AUC Robotics, and to give them a glimpse of the achievements of the club in the past years, and certainly to welcome the new members of the family of AUC Robotics. Fall 20’s opening was challenging due to COVID-19 outbreak, but AUC Robotics managed to make it a successful and fun one while following all COVID-19 Precautions. The opening was made at AUC Tahrir Square and it was done with no compromises.

Robotics 101

This program is offered by AUC Robotics, and is targeting students with shallow background about robotics and its applications. We will introduce them to the fundamental concepts of robotics as well as how to build their own robot. The program will tackle the areas of programing, electronics, and mechanical design; however, it will not dive deep into these areas as Robotics 102 program is intended to offer deeper and rich content.

Robotics Online Hackathon

AUC Robotics Hackathon will be our first virtual robotics hackathon to be conducted in Egypt and the MENA region. The main theme of the hackathon will be “Applied Robotics” which will focus on simulating or prototyping robots for various real-world solutions. The main purpose of the Hackathon is to create an environment for the most talented minds in our region to unleash their creativity and give them exposure to the real-world challenges facing the robotics industry nowadays.