Hackathon General Description

AUC Robotics Hackathon will be our first virtual robotics hackathon to be conducted in Egypt and the MENA region. The main theme of the hackathon will be “Applied Robotics” which will focus on simulating or prototyping robots for various real-world solutions. The main purpose of the Hackathon is to create an environment for the most talented minds in our region to unleash their creativity and give them exposure to the real-world challenges facing the robotics industry nowadays. Engineers and researchers will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge, skills, and experiences to build solutions while mentored by industry professionals. Moreover, they will be learning and gaining a new set of skills through implementing their proposed ideas in a very limited time frame. The hackathon will have two main areas: Workshops and Challenges. Prestigious companies and institutions from all over Egypt and the world will deliver customized workshops for the participants throughout the days of the hackathon which aims to assure they are working on the track, open the door for them to discover and explore the real-world industry challenges in more depth, and give them an idea about the available tools, software, simulators, and platforms they can use to design and implement their solutions during the competition. The competition will revolve around the theme of “Applied Robotics” where participants will choose a specific problem definition - or define their own - from a predefined pool of problems in the robotics industry. They will be receiving guidance from expert mentors who have experience in the field and who will be able to provide them with constructive feedback. Finally, the competition has to be rewarding in order to motivate the participants to reach their ultimate creativity and work their best to finish their solution. On that account, AUC Robotics hackathon is intended to be highly rewarding and that will be through monetary prizes, special awards of internships in prestigious companies, funding and adopting the best ideas for implementation, and special research opportunities.