Abdelrahman Maged

Former Robotics President '14-'17

Robotics Club simply gave me an opportunity to have a well-rounded experience. I got the opportunity to develop my technical skills in all fields (electronics, computer science and in mechanical) through building different projects with my hands from scratch. Moreover, I also got to teach and share my knowledge as an instructor; this was something that made me stand out when I was presenting myself in any interview and internships. Furthermore, I got to run and manage the operations and finances of the club; all the way from purchasing components for the club workshop, to dealing with university offices and sponsors to secure funds for the club, to planning and preparing for large scale events. , I got to manage people of different backgrounds and personality; I had to be able to deal with all types of team members; starting with a new member to the club, to a club board member, to university office, and finally the president of the AUC. finally and most importantly, it made me have ever lasting friendships and happy memories with brave and kind people. To sum it up, robotics club can give you an opportunity to develop your technical experience, to develop your personality and soft skills, and finally to have a positive impact on others life, its up to you to make use of the opportunity.

Lena Abdulaziz

Former Robotics President '17-'18

Robotics club is where I got the chance to apply the theory I learned in class in a real workshop and gained hands on experience on most of the machines. I was privileged to learn much of the topics taught in senior year in my early days at uni through the academic programs provided by the club, then improving my presentation skills through teaching them. Participating in and organizing regional competitions helped me build my network both inside outside uni. Despite its name, this club is not limited to technical skills, its diverse community teaches you how to accept and respect everyone's differences and learn from them. Joining the organizational sector improves your soft skills where you get the chance to improve your communication skills and manage budgets, connect with different offices within university and outside and gain exposure up to the president level and beyond leading to a wider network. And most importantly, you come out with lifetime friendships and a healthy network, which is what will stay with you forever!

Tarek Ayman

Former Robotics President '18-'19

As an undergrad I wanted to explore and try as much as I can. Robotics was one of those journeys that took some years. I had the privilege to experience different roles with various prespectives; as a member, an instructor, a head, a board member and finally as a president. Experiencing very similar situations from different angles, prespectives, givens and goals was insitful and maturing. Robotics gave me the space to make mistakes, mistakes that hepled me learn a lot about myself and showed me parts I need to develop. Frankly, the toughest situations were the most enlightful and sometimes the lessons were clearer after some time! I was't the tipical nerdy robotics geek .... maybe the farthest from this! Nonetheless, it was a place that offered me a great learning experience.

Muhammad Osama

Former Robotics President '19-'20

What makes AUC Robotics a transformative life experience is definitely its community. From my first day at this great entity, I found myself surrounded by people who wanted to challenge me, teach me, and push me forward to become a much better version of myself. This made it particularly challenging for me as President because the bar of expectation is always so high you have to work up to it. That's the thing about it. Community. That's why this experience will leave a profound positive impression; one you will never forget.