Track Brief & Description

In this course you will be able to use CAD tools such as schematics, PCB layout, and routing using CAD software such as kiCad to design and analyze your custom PCB.

The main purpose of the electronics course is to take you from the ground up to reach the ability and skills to build your own custom PCBs. The course will cover the essential concepts of the required physics (Ohm’s law, basic circuit analysis, KVL, basic components, basic RC and LC circuits, etc.) as well as the use of a CAD software to design your PCBs (For example KiCAD or any available CAD software) and simple design concepts to make your PCBs feasible for manufacturing.

Skills You Gain

1Profound understanding of electronic components

2CAD tools for designing and building your PCB

Target Audience

1University students who wants to get better understanding of this topic

2Anyone interested in PCB design and electronics

3High school students with a high enthusiast

4 Hackers, hobbyist, and makers


kiCAD version on your machine

Passion and commitment

Teamwork & sharing experience

ENG. Sherif Rashwan

Track Instructor

Electronics and PCB Design Track Timeline

S. 01


- Electron Flow & Electron Measurements

- Maker Movement and DIY Culture & Basic Laws

- Tinkering Platforms

S. 02

Electronics Analysis:

- Basic Components & Working Theory

- Circuit Analysis Breadboarding

- TinkerCAD & Basic Documentation Skill

S. 03

IC Utiliziation:

- What is IC & How to use it?

- Different Packages & Commonly used models

- IC-based circuit & uploads on

S. 04

PCB Design & Fabrication:

- Schematic and PCB Design

- KiCAD Interface

- Design and Fabricate