Challenges Awards

First Place

Prize Money: 10,000 L.E.

Second Place

Prize Money: 5,000 L.E.

Third Place

Prize Money: 3,000 L.E.

Special Awards

iHub Startup Pre-Incubator Program

iHub will offer a special prize for the best team in terms of business modeling and technical PoC. This prize will be an opportunity to join “iHub Startup Pre-Incubator Program” for free.

Micromst Internships Offer

Micromst will offer 5 Internships for the best 5 finalists' teams, in terms of the best technical solution.
Since 2016, Micromst is a company specialized in the field of software development, intelligent control systems, and the manufacture of electronic circuits with the highest international standards.

SIEMENS Industrial Automation Award

Siemens will offer a 2 sponsorship to 2 teams in the Industrial Automation category in terms of problem selection and solution provided.
The best of these teams will be granted an internship.

DevisionX Internships Offer

DevisionX will be offering two internships to the best two teams based on the quality of their solutions in terms of AI and computer vision.
DevisionX is a company that supports enterprises to apply machine vision and deep learning technologies to automate some processes such as quality inspection, gauging processes.