AUC Robotics

Established in 2008 as an Acadamic Running Student Activity ,

AUC Robotics is a student-run organization at AUC with the aim of spreading robotics knowledge among the AUC community and beyond. Ever since its establishment in 2008, AUC Robotics has been organizing, hosting, and managing lots of robotics-related events, courses, and conferences that have created a large community of robotics geeks inside the larger community of AUC.

AUC Robotics Running Event

Club High Board

Here are our AUC Robotics High Board for the 20/21 Year

Samah Ayman


Ismail Shaheen


Mira Medhat

Operations Chair

Menna Mahmoud

HR Chair

Amr Adel

Academics Chair

Amr Atia

Marketing Chair

Mohamed Hamdy

Outreach Chair

Iman El-Sadany

Supply Chain Chair

Menna El-Zahar

Multimedia Chair

Sara Abd El-Halim

Finance Chair

Mariam Fawzy

Fundraising Chair

Omar Mahmoud

IT Manager